Heather Jackson, City Treasurer


The Treasurer’s office is responsible for real and personal property tax collection and distribution, accounts receivable and payable, all accounting and payroll functions, budgeting, debt service and cash receipting and investment for all City funds.


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New payment option to pay your water/sewer bill!  Besides paying by check, cash and online via credit card, the City now offers Direct Payment!  If you are interested in this option, Click here for a form to print and complete and return to City Hall.  Call City Hall with any questions!


Change of Address Form-to change mailing address for your tax bills
Homeowner’s Principal Residence Exemption and related Forms-State of Michigan website

Summer taxes are due by July 31st and winter taxes are due by February 14th.  The exact dates may vary slightly due to weekends and holidays.

Pay Property Tax

Summer Taxes are due Monday, July 31, 2017 and winter taxes are due Wednesday, February 14, 2018. On March 1, 2018 Unpaid Taxes become delinquent and the City will no longer accept payment. Please call the County Treasurer @ 800-548-9157 to find out the amount due.

Summer Taxes Deferment: Click here for more information.

Multiple Parcels (in the same season) can be paid with one check.

Mortgage Escrows: Tax information will be forwarded to your bank, per their request.  Property owners receive an original bill, mortgage companies receive a copy.

Receipts are provided upon request only.  To request a receipt, there are several options: simply make a note on your payment stub, e-mail request to, or call 231-536-3381.

Postmarks ARE accepted by the City of East Jordan as on time payment.

Address corrections: Please update as soon as possible to avoid a delay in receiving your tax bill.

Board of Review (BOR) Corrections: Corrections for the current billing year ( July & Dec.) will be made within a week of the Board of Review meetings that are held in July & Dec.  If you know you are on the docket, please refrain from paying your tax bill until the BOR meets.  This will expedite the process of change without delay and unnecessary refunds.  Prior year BOR corrections are handled by the Charlevoix County Treasurer’s Office; contact their office for inquiries at 231-547-7202.


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